It would be great if I can create a world with plenty of rooms, some of them made by me and some made by others
— Elsa, 23, medical student

Teachers could invite the entire class to their world and walk them through the material.
— Kasper, 21, medical student

This is very helpful to me because I am very visual.
— Line, 23, medical student

I have wished for something like this as it’s hard to just build memory palaces in your brain.
— Michala, 22, medical student

This is a funnier way to learn, studying only texts gets very boring.
— Tobias, 23, medical student

When I sit in the bus, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on what I have learned.
— Signe, 25, medical student

I need something that reminds me when I need to learn.
— Victor, 24, medical student

For me it’s important to get a structure fast – and it should be simple.
— Abathe, 23, medical student